What we'll cover

Getting oriented quickly in an unfamiliar NetSuite account and its customizations can be crucial in many different cases. For example, when a new NetSuite administrator joins a company, they often need to get up to speed with the production as quickly as possible. This challenge also comes up during a merger and acquisition when teams are tasked with merging environments across critical business systems such as NetSuite.

In those (and many other!) cases, NetSuite teams usually run into the same issue: the lack of visibility into a complex system of customizations and their dependencies.

In this group demo, we will show you how to use Salto to search your entire configuration for specific elements and quickly understand every customization in your NetSuite account.

Topics include:

  • When NetSuite teams need more visibility into their customizations and most asked questions
  • Common mistakes when navigating your customizations
  • How to speed up that process with Salto

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